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is snake away safe for pets

Is Snakes Away Safe for Pets?

Deciding whether to use a product like Snakes Away on a pet can be a difficult decision for pet owners. While this product can help for stress-free living in a snake-filled area, there are several points to consider.


Snakes Away is made out of two types of ingredients: sulphur and naphthalene. Neither of these ingredients are toxic to animals, however, they can cause allergic reactions in very sensitive animals. It is important to follow the instructions on the label when using Snakes Away on or near pets.


The effective area of Snakes Away will vary depending on the type of snake and environment. Generally, it is most effective when placed around the perimeter of a space, such as a garden or home, and when used in combination with other methods such as fencing or scare deterrents.

Snakes Away works by emitting a smell that is offensive to snakes. This smell is caused by the ingredients mentioned above, and it repels snakes from entering or lingering in an area.


If you are looking for a way to protect pets from snakes, there are other alternatives to Snakes Away. Some popular options include:

  • Snake Fencing – Installing a fence around your outdoor areas can help keep out unwanted wildlife, including snakes.
  • Scare deterrents – Placing fake predators like owl decoys in and around the perimeter of your space can help scare away snakes.
  • Traps – If you know of a specific snake that is frequenting your space, you can place traps to capture and remove it.

While Snakes Away is a widely accepted method of keeping snakes away from pets, there are other options available. Pet owners should consider their particular needs and evaluate any potential risks associated with each option.

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