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Is Tenacity Safe for Pets


Is Tenacity Safe for Pets?

Is Tenacity Safe for Pets Tenacity herbicide has become increasingly popular for treating weeds in lawns and gardens. But is it safe for pets?

Tenacity contains a main active ingredient called mesotrione. It is highly effective at killing grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds and sedges. This is why it is so popular with gardeners, landscapers, and even commercial growers.

The chemical is typically used to control weeds in lawns, golf courses, and other turf. It works by interfering with the weed’s metabolism, causing it to die.

Can Pets be Exposed to Tenacity?

Yes, pets can be exposed to Tenacity. Since it is used on turf and lawns, it is possible that your pet could come in contact with the herbicide.

However, it is important to note that Tenacity is a chemical that breaks down relatively quickly in the environment. So the chances of your pet actually ingesting it are low.

What are the Effects of Tenacity on Pets?

The effects of Tenacity on pets vary. Most animals will experience mild skin irritation or stomach upset if they come in contact with the herbicide.

In severe cases, ingestion of the herbicide or eating plants that have been treated with Tenacity could cause vomiting and other digestive symptoms.

How Can I Protect My Pets from Tenacity?

The best way to protect your pets from Tenacity is to be proactive about application.

When applying Tenacity to your lawn or garden, keep your pets away from the treated area for at least 24 hours and use common sense when applying the herbicide.

You should also consider using a pet-friendly herbicide that is specifically formulated for use around pets and animals.


Tenacity is an effective and popular herbicide, but it can be dangerous to pets. To protect your pets, use caution when applying Tenacity and consider using pet-safe alternatives.

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