should i cover my hamsters cage during the day

Should I Cover My Hamster’s Cage During the Day?

It can be tempting to cover up your hamster’s cage during the day due to the noise and activity associated with typical households during the day. But be aware that covering your hamster’s cage during the day will cause more harm than good. Here are the main reasons why you should not cover your hamster’s cage during the day:


Hamsters are nocturnal, so it’s natural for them to be sleeping during the day. But this doesn’t mean that they do not thrive off natural light. Hamsters need natural daylight to stay healthy, so keeping their cage covered is potentially dangerous.


Cages are designed to ensure that a comfortable, safe and secure space is provided for your hamster. When covered, the cage tends to become dull and boring. Hamsters need a stimulating environment in order to thrive and develop.


Your hamster can only stay physically active when there is no cover as they need room to run and exercise throughout their cage. Covers also prevent adequate ventilation, which decreases her physical performance and can lead to health concerns.

Overall Health

A healthy hamster needs natural light, optimal temperature, and clean air to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When a hamster’s cage is covered, it is difficult to monitor these factors and your hamster’s overall health may be compromised.


Covering your hamster’s cage during the day is not a recommended practice. While it may seem like a good way to reduce the noise and activity – it is potentially harmful to your furry friend. Provide your hamster with a stimulating environment and strive to maintain their health and well-being by ensuring adequate ventilation and temperature control, fresh air and quality natural daylight.

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