should syrian hamsters live alone

Syrian Hamsters Living Alone

Syrian hamsters, also known as golden or teddy bear hamsters, are very sociable animals that thrive in pairs or small groups in the wild. They usually live in tunnels dug beneath the desert sand and they stay close to their burrows.

Do Syrian Hamsters Need a Companion?

Yes, Syrian hamsters need a companion in order to stay healthy and happy. They should not be kept in a cage on their own. Loneliness can be very stressful for these animals and can lead to several negative behaviors such as aggressive behavior, depression or even self-harm.

Advantages of Keeping Syrian Hamsters Together

There are many advantages to keeping Syrian hamsters together. They will have more space to move around, they will stay active and they will have a companion if they get scared or nervous. Additionally, hamsters bond closely with one another and will even snuggle up together to stay warm.

Disadvantages of Keeping Syrian Hamsters Together

The main disadvantage of keeping Syrian hamsters together is that they can become territorial and aggressive with one another. If one hamster is dominant, it may bully the other and cause serious injury or even death. In order to avoid this, you should closely monitor them and separate them if any signs of aggression start.


In conclusion, Syrian hamsters should not live alone. While keeping them together can be beneficial, it is extremely important to closely monitor them to ensure they are not becoming aggressive. To keep your hamsters happy, provide them with plenty of space, toys and a comfortable home.

Remember: Syrian hamsters need a companion in order to stay healthy and happy!

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