what animals kill snakes

Animals that Kill Snakes

Snakes are some of the most feared animals in the wild, but they aren’t the only predators that can be dangerous! There are many other animals that are also capable of killing snakes.


  • Hedgehogs – Although occasionally preyed upon by inoffensive, non-venomous snakes, hedgehogs can fight back by curling up into a tight ball to make the snake choke on its prey. They also possess sharp spines on their backs, which can make it difficult for a snake to swallow them.
  • Mongooses – This small carnivora is renowned for its ability to kill venomous snakes such as cobras. Mongooses are incredibly agile and fast, and possess an immunity to the venom of most snakes. In addition, they possess long, sharp claws, which can be used to pierce the vulnerable underbelly of a snake.
  • Badgers – Another cool animal that can take down a snake is the badger. Badgers have sharp, powerful claws that enable them to dig deep into the ground to unearth rodent and reptile burrows. This also makes them capable of attacking small snakes.
  • Birds of Prey – Strict carnivores, like hawks and owls, are known to hunt snakes for food.


  • Alligators – Alligators are some of the fiercest predators in their respective habitats. Although these massive reptiles rarely attack humans, they are known to hunt and kill small snakes.
  • Crocodiles – Similar to alligators, crocodiles are adept hunters, and are known to hunt snakes for prey. While their strong jaw power enables them to crush large animals and humans, they can also be dangerous to small snakes.
  • Tortoises – This reptile is not usually associated with predation, but they are actually capable of killing small snakes such as garter snakes. Tortoises clamp their shells shut with immense force, making it impossible for the snake to escape.

In conclusion, there are many animals that can hunt and kill snakes, some of which may surprise you! Whether it’s a mongoose, a hawk, or a tortoise, these animals are all capable of hunting and killing venomous and non-venomous snakes for food and self-defense.

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