what are a group of snakes called

A Group of Snakes Are Called A Bed

Have you ever wondered what a large group of snakes is called? The answer may surprise you – they are referred to as a ‘bed’. Here’s a closer look at this remarkable phenomenon.

What is a Bed of Snakes?

A bed of snakes is a group of snakes that have come together and usually connected by their tails. Typically, a bed will consist of 15 to 20 snakes and will often be found in dry, sunny and warm locations.

What is the Significance of A Bed of Snakes?

There are several theories as to why snakes form beds and it’s likely that each species of snake has slightly different reasons.

  • Heat Regulation: One popular theory is that a bed of snakes helps regulate their body temperature. By intertwining themselves, the snakes can block out the sun and keep cool. At the same time, a snake in the middle of the bed harnesses the heat of the outer tails to keep warm.
  • Safety: In a bed of snakes, the outsides are most vulnerable, so the inner snakes are safe from predators. By coming together, the snakes act as protection for the whole group.
  • Communication: It’s also possible that snakes form beds to communicate with one another. By touching, the snakes may be able to exchange information and interpret danger.

What Types of Snakes Form Beds?

The main types of snakes that form beds are rattlesnakes, pythons, cobras, and vipers. In general, any type of snake that rest in an open environment could potentially form a bed.


The phenomenon of snakes coming together in a bed is fascinating, and it’s likely that this is a behavior that has been around since the beginning of the snake species. By understanding why snakes form beds, we can better comprehend their habits and lifestyle.

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