what are baby snakes called

What Are Baby Snakes Called?

Snakes are one of the most interesting creatures on the earth and come in many different shapes and sizes. But what about baby snakes? Do they have a special name?

The Different Names of Baby Snakes

Baby snakes, like other species are known by different names in different locations and cultures. Common terms for baby snakes include:

  • Hatchling: This is a term that is used frequently among biologists and pet owners.
  • Snakelet: For a more informal term, snakelets are cute and appropriate.
  • Babe: This also works as a synonym and is often used by pet owners.
  • Neonate: This is another term often used in scientific studies.

Generally, it is acceptable to refer to a newborn or very young snake by any of these terms, as long as it is done respectfully.

Other Important Information About Baby Snakes

When baby snakes hatch from their eggs, it is important to watch them to make sure that they all survive. Sometimes, the first snake out of the eggshell will attempt to eat its siblings as a way of gaining an advantage in the wild.

Unlike other animals, baby snakes are usually independent immediately following hatching and do not require care from their parents. In the wild, they will find food, shelter and protection on their own.


So, to answer the question: what are baby snakes called? Hatchling, snakelet, babe, and neonate are all appropriate terms for baby snakes, depending on the local culture or scientific studies. Remember to watch out for baby snakes; they need to be left alone so that they can survive and grow into the larger snakes we all know and admire.

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