What Are Male Ferrets Called


What Are Male Ferrets Called?

Ferrets are small mammals best known for their playful, inquisitive nature. While most people are familiar with female ferrets, many are unaware that they come in two genders. So what are male ferrets called?

Male Ferret Facts

Male ferrets, also known as ‘hobs’, can differ from their female counterparts in several ways.

    • Size – Male ferrets tend to be larger than females


    • Colour – Male ferrets can have either lighter or darker fur colours.


    • Reproductive Organs – Hobs have visible reproductive organs and scent glands.


Differences in Behaviour

Male ferrets and female ferrets can exhibit different behaviours when together. Male ferrets may be more boisterous and playful and less responsive to human direction. They are also more aggressive, and males are more likely to fight with each other than females.

Taking Care of Your Male Ferret

Male ferrets are playful and friendly animals and can make great pets. To keep your male ferret healthy, it is important to provide them with plenty of space to explore and exercise, as well as high-quality food and occasional treats. Neutering and spaying is also recommended as it helps reduce aggressive behaviour, and it also prevents the ferret from developing reproductive diseases.


So, to answer the question “what are male ferrets called?”, the answer is “hobs”. Male ferrets have different traits from female ferrets and require special care in order to remain healthy. Understanding and respecting these differences can help ferret owners provide their pets with the best possible environment.

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