What Are Rabbits Predators


Rabbit Predators

Rabbits are a common prey species in the wild, but they are also kept as beloved pets by many. Knowing the primary predators of wild rabbits can help protect them in their natural habitats.

Domestic Animals

Dogs and cats are the two most common predators of wild rabbits. This is because they resemble the natural prey of these pet cats and dogs and instinctually trigger their predatory behaviors.

Carnivorous Mammals

Aside from domestic animals, certain carnivorous mammals pose threats to rabbits in the wild.

    • Foxes hunt rabbits during both the day and night.


    • Wolves are a threat to rabbits if they decide to hunt in a pack.


    • Coyotes can be a problem in some areas, while they do not typically prey exclusively on rabbits.


    • Bears may target rabbits if they are breeding or have young.


Birds of Prey

Various birds of prey present a potential danger to rabbits in the wild. These birds are able to quickly ambush and catch a rabbit before they have a chance to escape.

    • Hawks are very skilled hunters, and can swoop quickly from the sky.


    • Owls specialize in hunting during the night and can be silent as they fly.


    • Eagles can suffer significantly, as their wingspan makes them difficult to avoid.



Reptiles may not be the first animal to come to mind when thinking about rabbit predators, but some reptiles may still pose a threat to them.

    • Snakes are stealthy hunters and can catch a rabbit when they let their guard down.


    • Turtles may grab a rabbit in the water, although it is a rare occurance.


    • Crocodiles can grab a rabbit if they stumble upon them, although they typically do not feed on rabbits as their primary source of food.


Nobody should have to worry about predators seeking to hunt down the beloved rabbits they keep as pets. As long as they are properly kept in secure enclosures, cats, dogs, and other potential predators should be kept at bay.

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