what attracts copperhead snakes

What Attracts Copperhead Snakes?

Copperheads are a species of venomous snakes found throughout the United States. They prefer habitats with dense vegetation such as woods or near streams and lakes, though they can often be found in residential areas. So, what exactly attracts copperhead snakes?

Food Source

One of the primary things that attracts copperhead snakes is food sources. They primarily feed on small rodents, and if there is an abundance of these rodents in an area, it will likely attract copperhead snakes. They also eat small birds, lizards, frogs, and even insects and worms.

Hiding Spots

Copperhead snakes also look for areas that have plenty of hiding spots like logs, rocks, stumps, and thick vegetation. This is where they will hide during the day in order to avoid predators. During the summer, they might often be found basking in the sun near these hiding spots, since they are cold-blooded animals and need to regulate their body temperature.


These snakes also seek out areas that provide protection, such as tall grasses or low-growing bushes. They may slither under decks or porches, or climb up into trees in order to escape predators. Copperhead snakes may also inhabit abandoned buildings due to the lack of human traffic and the abundance of food sources.


Lastly, copperhead snakes prefer warm climates, and they will seek out areas that offer the warmth they need. They may be found near rocks or in dry areas which are heated by the sun.

In conclusion, copperhead snakes seek out areas with plenty of food sources, protection from predators, and warmth. These areas may include residential yards and outbuildings, thick vegetation, and rocks heated by the sun.

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