what birds eat wasps

What do Birds Eat Wasps?

Birds often eat many different kinds of prey in order to survive. Wasps are one of the many insects that can fall victim to hungry birds. While wasps don’t tend to make up the majority of a bird’s diet, they can be beneficial in providing protein and other nutrients for a bird’s diet.

What Birds Eat Wasps?

Most birds will eat wasps if they have the opportunity. Larger predatory birds, such as hawks, eagles, and owls, are able to take down larger prey such as wasps. Smaller songbirds will usually avoid predators like wasps, but they can be a potential food source if the bird has the opportunity.

Benefits of Eating Wasps

Wasps are known to contain a high number of nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Wasps are particularly rich in zinc, magnesium, and other trace minerals. Many birds will take advantage of wasps being available as it provides a good source of nutrition.

How Birds Eat Wasps

When it comes to actually eating wasps, birds usually use one of three methods. Depending on the size of the wasp, they may attempt to pick it up and swallow it whole. If it is too large however, they may rip it apart and eat the pieces. Some birds may peck it in order to break it apart.

What to Do if There is a Wasps Nest

The presence of a wasp nest may be attractive for birds, but for humans it can be a dangerous hazard. If there is a wasp nest near your home it is important to take appropriate safety measures or to get help from a pest control company. This will help protect both you and the birds from the dangers of wasps.


Birds can and do eat wasps, although it does not make up the bulk of their diet. Wasps can provide beneficial nutrition and protein for birds, and it is important to understand the presence of a wasp nest near your home. Taking appropriate safety measures will help to protect both you and the birds.

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