what breed are ginger cats

What Breed are Ginger Cats?

Ginger cats are among one of the most delightful and attractive cats beloved by many. With their characteristic orange coats and striking yellow eyes, they’re simply captivating to look at. But what breed are they and where do they come from?

Where Do Ginger Cats Come From?

Ginger cats are found across the globe; however, what breed a ginger cat is, is often heavily determined by its geographic location.

Popular Breeds of Ginger Cats

Common breeds that feature ginger coats include:

  • British Shorthair – a gentle giant, the British Shorthair is one of the oldest breeds of cats of United Kingdom origin. The males of this breed can grow to quite sizable proportions and their fur is often ginger coloured.
  • Siamese – The strikingly beautiful Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds and are known for their ravishing blue eyes, lithe bodies, and ginger coats.
  • Havana Brown – The Havana Brown is a truly eye-catching race, with their wiry and glossy fur in various shades of brown or black.
  • Ragdoll – Ragdoll cats are renowned for their long coats, coming in colors ranging from apricot-cream to dark red or brown.
  • American Curl – American Curls are easy going, friendly cats and their beautiful ginger coats perfectly compliment their ears, which bend backwards.

The Appeal of Ginger Cats

It’s no surprise that people’ love of ginger cats is as old as cats themselves. Not only they they make great lap cats, being playful, sociable and entertaining, their delightfully ginger coats also bring a dose of vibrant colour to your home.

No matter which breed suits your lifestyle, one thing’s for sure – a ginger cat is sure to bring you lifelong companionship and entertainment!

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