What Can Ferrets Eat List


What Can Ferrets Eat

What Can Ferrets Eat List Ferrets are very playful and intelligent animals, however they have very specific dietary requirements. As obligate carnivores, they are meant to eat a balanced and largely meat-based diet.

Whole Prey

Whole prey, including chickens, mice, rats, rabbits and quail, is the best option for a ferret’s diet. This food consists of an animal’s organs, bones, and muscles, and provides a ferret with the nutrition it needs all in one meal.

Canned Diet

Commercially-made ferret food can be offered to ferrets, such as raw or freeze-dried food. These foods should contain around 25-30% protein and 20% fats, and they are typically available with additional vitamins and minerals.

Raw Meat and Chewing Treats

Ferrets can also eat raw meat, although it should not be the only thing they are eating. Chewing treats, such as gizzards and hearts, are also beneficial for a ferret’s health.

Foods to Avoid

Ferrets should not eat any grains, fruits, or vegetables. These foods can be bad for a ferret’s health, especially if eaten in large quantities.


In conclusion, it is important to feed your ferret a balanced diet that is largely consisting of whole prey foods. Commercially-made food and raw meat can also be fed to ferrets, but certain foods such as grains, fruits, and vegetables should be avoided.

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