what color are snakes eyes

The Eye Color of Snakes

Snakes are mysterious creatures whose eyes are often captivating and mesmerizing. But what color are a snake’s eyes?

Snake Eye Color Variations

Snake eyes come in a variety of colors, with some color variations even within the same species. In some species, the eyes may be a solid color such as yellow, orange or red. In some cases, they may have rings of a different color around the edge of the eye. Some eyes may also have vertical pupils, while others have round pupils.

Additionally, baby snakes can often have very different eye colors than adult snakes. This can range from gray or blue in babies to yellow, orange or red in adults.

Adaptively Colored Eyes

The eye color of snakes is also thought to be adaptively important, with different colors offering different advantages in different habitats.

For example, in areas with a lot of vegetation, a snake’s eyes may be green or blue in order to blend in with the environment. This allows the snake to more easily hide from predators.

In areas without much vegetation, a snake’s eyes may be yellow, orange or red. This color helps the snake better detect movement at night, enabling it to more easily find prey or avoid predators.


In conclusion, the eye color of snakes can vary greatly, based on their species, age and environment. Common colors range from yellow and orange to green and blue, and no two snakes have the same eye color. Additionally, eye color may help snakes adapt to their environment, enabling them to better find food or hide from predators.

All in all, snake eyes are fascinating and come in a variety of colors, making them one of the more mysterious and captivating creatures in the animal kingdom.

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