What Color Frogs Are There In Minecraft


Types of Frogs in Minecraft

What Color Frogs Are There In Minecraft Frogs are one of the many passive mobs found in Minecraft. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Here’s a look at the colorful frogs you can find in Minecraft!


One of the most common frogs you will find in Minecraft is the Green Frog. As the name implies, this frog is green in color, ranging from a light to a deep green. They are also quite small and move around in small hops.


The Blue Frog is a rarer variant of green frog. As you can guess, they are much larger in size and are deep blue in color. They are quite fast and can jump further than the green frog.


The Purple Frog is a very rare variant that can only be found in extreme hill biomes. They are quite large, with a deep purple hide and bright yellow eyes. They are also faster and stronger than the other types of frogs.


The Rainbow Frog is the rarest type of frog in Minecraft. They can only be found in The Nether and have a rainbow colored skin. They are quite dangerous and won’t hesitate to attack you if you get too close.

Other Types

Aside from the aforementioned frogs, there are some other types as well. These include:

    • Brown Frog


    • Orange Frog


    • Red Frog


    • Yellow Frog


These frogs, while not as common as the green, blue, and purple variants, still make an appearance in the game.


Minecraft is full of different types of frogs, each with its own unique color. From the common green frog to the rare rainbow frog, there’s something for everyone!

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