What Colors Are Birds Attracted To


Which Colors Attract Birds?

Most birds have a highly developed sense of color, which helps them to identify different sources of food, danger and potential mates. To attract birds to your backyard, or windowsill, it is important to offer a variety of colors in your bird feeders, bird houses and bird baths.

Colors That Attract Birds

The colors birds are most attracted to are red, yellow, white, orange, pink and blue. These colors typically stand out to birds, and may signal potential food sources.

    • Red and orange These colors represent food sources, like bright red and orange berries. They also signify a safe place to feed and take a rest.


    • Yellow and pink These colors attract a wide range of birds, including finches, grosbeaks, and hummingbirds. They often signify flowers rich in nectar.


    • White White is most often associated with milkweed, which is a rich source of nectar for many birds.


    • Blue This bright blue color is associated with water sources or sky. Birds may use it as a reminder to find their way back to the water or their roosting spot.


In Summary

To attract birds to your backyard, it is important to provide a variety of colors for them. The colors that attract birds most include red, yellow, white, orange, pink and blue. These colors signify food sources, places to take a rest, and water sources. By adding these colors to your bird feeders and bird baths, you will be sure to attract a variety of birds to your backyard.

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