what colours can hamsters see

Hamsters and Their Visual Perception

Hamsters are small, fur covered rodents that have become popular household pets. With their lively personalities, they can make wonderful additions to any home.

What Are Hamsters Able to See?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals so they are used to seeing in low light. Contrary to what some people think, their eyesight is actually quite good. However, there are some differences between the way humans and hamsters see.

When it comes to colour vision, hamsters are able to make out very few colours. In fact, they have a limited ability to distinguish some of the shades of bright red and yellow. They are also unable to recognize any colours in the blue and green spectrum.

Do Hamsters Need Colourful Environments?

Although they have a limited ability to see colour, hamsters don’t always need their environment to be brightly coloured. In general, an environment that is sufficiently lit and which features plenty of interesting shapes for them to explore will keep any hamster happy.

What Are Some Colourful Items Safe for Hamsters?

As long as it is safe for a hamster to chew on, there are many items that a hamster can safely enjoy. Here are some examples of colourful objects that are safe for hamsters:

  • Tin Foil – This can be used to line the base of the enclosure. If it’s crumpled up and tossed in the enclosure, it will help to keep the hamster entertained.
  • Crumpled Paper – Crumpled up pieces of paper of various colours can also be used to help provide stimulation and entertainment.
  • Pieces of Fruits and Vegetables – Pieces of brightly coloured fruits and veggies can provide hamsters with vitamins and minerals, as well as mental stimulation.

In conclusion, although hamsters have limited ability to see colour, they don’t necessarily need a brightly coloured environment to stay happy. Plenty of stimulation and the right type of food should be enough to keep them healthy and content.

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