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What Do Baby Bearded Dragons Need?

If you’re thinking about bringing a baby bearded dragon into your home, you should know that caring for them requires a bit of extra equipment and effort. Baby bearded dragons have specific needs that should be met in order to keep them healthy and happy.


Baby bearded dragons can live comfortably in a plastic, glass, or screened terrarium that is at least 20 gallons. You should also include a substrate, such as paper towel or reptile-grade bark, to provide a safe surface for your bearded dragon.


Your bearded dragon’s enclosure should include a heating element and a light. These can be provided using an incandescent bulb and an overhead basking light. Your bearded dragon will also need a UVB light to absorb vitamin D3, which is essential for healthy metabolism and digestion.


Baby bearded dragons should be kept in an environment that is between 80-90°F on one side, and 70-75°F on the other. You can use a temperature gun to regularly monitor the temperature to make sure your bearded dragon is not too hot or too cold.


A baby bearded dragon’s diet should consist of live insects, including mealworms, crickets, and waxworms. Additionally, baby bearded dragons should eat green leafy vegetables, such as turnip greens and mustard greens. Don’t forget to provide a shallow bowl of water for drinking and soaking.


Baby bearded dragons require regular veterinary checkups to ensure they are healthy. Twice a year is usually sufficient. In addition, handle your bearded dragon with gentle care and make sure to cleaning their enclosure once a week.

Taking proper care of your baby bearded dragon can be time consuming, but also very rewarding. By ensuring that your bearded dragon has a secure and comfortable home, you can look forward to establishing a strong bond with your new pet.

Remember, baby bearded dragons need:

  • A suitable enclosure
  • Heating and lighting elements
  • Proper temperatures
  • A healthy diet
  • Regular veterinary check ups and care

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