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What Do Bearded Dragons Need In Their Cage


What Do Bearded Dragons Need in Their Cage?

Bearded Dragons are a popular pet among reptile lovers. The enjoyment of having one as a pet can be increased by providing the right environment for them. Having the right items in the cage is essential for their health and happiness.

Cage Setup

Bearded Dragons require an enclosure that is spacious and warm. The minimum size cage is 4ft long by 2ft wide, but bigger cages are preferable. The cage should have a large basking site and some kind of climbable surface like rocks and branches.


The substrate used in the cage is also important, as it needs to be one that is safe and non-toxic. Popular substrate choices are newspaper, reptile carpet, ceramic tiles and sand. Many people also avoid sand due to the potential of ingestion and impaction.

Lighting & Heating

Bearded Dragons need a basking area with a temperature of 95-110°F, with a cool area in their cage of 75-85°F. This can be achieved with a basking light and a ceramic heat emitter. They also require full spectrum lighting for 12-14 hours every day.


Bearded Dragons need several accessories to keep them healthy and active. A few examples of essential items are:

    • Food & Water Dishes – Bearded Dragons need water and food dishes that are heavy and non-porous, so they don’t tip over when climbing.


    • Hides – Hides provide the bearded dragon with a place to feel safe and secure in the cage.


    • Climbing Branches & Rocks – These provide spaces for your bearded dragon to climb, exercise and explore.


    • Gut-Loaded Insects – Insects should be gut-loaded with calcium and other nutrients before feeding to your bearded dragon.


In summary, having the right items in the cage is essential for your Bearded Dragon’s health and happiness. The cage should be large and comfortable, with the right substrate and temperature, along with accessories such as food and water dishes, hides, and climbing rocks and branches. Providing your pet lizard with the necessary items will keep them healthy, happy and active.

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