Bearded dragons

what do bearded dragons poop look like

Bearded Dragon Poop

When caring for a pet bearded dragon, it is important to know what their poop looks like. This is because it can help you identify if there is an issue with their health or diet.


Bearded dragon poop is generally small and moist. It tends to be brownish or dark green in color and can range in size up to 2 cm.


Bearded dragon poop typically contains:

  • Urate crystals – small, hard, white balls which can be found both within the feces and on the surface.
  • Waste and partially digested food item
  • Indigestible objects like pieces of substrate, small bugs, and invertebrates in their feces

Health Benefits

It’s important to note that urate crystals can be an indication of dehydration. Therefore, it is important to check that your bearded dragon’s diet is balanced and they have access to plenty of water.

Furthermore, if you notice changes in the size, shape, and color of the feces then it could be an indication of ill health and you should contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.


In conclusion, bearded dragon poop is generally small, wet and dark green or brown in color. It can contain urate crystals and partially digested food items as well as indigestible objects. It is important to take note of changes in poop appearance and quantity to ensure your pet dragon is healthy.

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