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Bearded Dragon Vision

Are you curious to know what kind of vision bearded dragons have? All reptiles, including bearded dragons, have much better vision than we give them credit for. Read on to find out more about bearded dragon vision.

Light Sensitivity

Bearded dragons are very sensitive to light and can see well during the day. They are particularly sensitive to ultraviolet light, which explains why they spend their days basking in the sun to get their much-needed UV rays.

Colour Detection

Bearded dragons have a colour-sensitive cone in their eye which allows them to detect colour, however, their vision isn’t as sharp or as clear as human’s. Dragons can see the colors red, green and yellow and can distinguish between dark and light colors.

Directional Perception

Bearded dragons can sense movement and direction, but cannot see detailed shapes. They are capable of gauging distance, as well. It is estimated that bearded dragons can see up to 10 feet away.

Night Vision

Despite their sensitivity to light, bearded dragons also have very good night vision. They can see at night since they have reactive eyes, which allows them to adjust to decreased light conditions.

Points to Remember

To wrap up, here are some key points to remember about bearded dragon vision:

  • Bearded dragons have very good vision during the day.
  • They can detect colors, but are not as sharp as humans.
  • Bearded dragons can sense movement and direction
  • They have reactive eyes which allows them to see in the dark

As you can see, bearded dragons have incredible eyesight and should be taken care of properly to ensure optimal vision.

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