what do dodo birds eat

What do Dodo Birds Eat?

The dodo bird, a now extinct species, is often remembered for being clumsy and slow-moving. Although it was thought to have been wiped out by 1600’s, questions remain about its diet and what the bird used to eat in its native home of Mauritius.

Dodo Diet

The dodo bird’s diet was primarily made up of:

  • Fruits: Dodos ate fruit such as coconuts, native fruits, and according to reports, some vegetables.
  • Insects: Judging by their beaks, these birds were adapted to eat a range of insects.
  • Eggs: The bird was also known for raiding nests on the ground for eggs.

Evidence of Eating Habits

Dodo birds only left behind their bones, leaving little evidence to analyze. However, recent evidence has been coming to light about what these birds ate. Animal bones, coprolites (fossilized feces), and wood ash have all been found in their nests, providing clues to the types of food they consumed.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that dodo birds ate a variety of fruits, insects, and eggs as their primary source of food. It is likely that this bird used its beak to pry open coconuts or break into nests for eggs. Though we can never know for sure, the evidence we have collected leads us to believe this extinct species consumed a mix of fruits, insects, and eggs.

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