what do hedgehogs eat in the wild

A Guide to Wild Hedgehog Diet

Hedgehogs have a unique diet that includes a variety of insects, worms, fruits, fungi and more. It’s important for hedgehog owners to understand this diet so that they can provide their pet hedgehog with the best nutrition. Here, we take a look at what do wild hedgehogs eat and how you can provide similar nutrition for your pet hedgehog.

Insects and worms

Insects and worms constitute the bulk of hedgehog’s diet in the wild. They eat a variety of insects such as crickets, moths, and grubs. They also feed on earthworms, slugs and snails. Hedgehogs also like to feast on mealworms, which are readily available in pet and bait stores.

Fruits and Vegetables

In addition to insects and worms, wild hedgehogs also feed on fruits and vegetables. They love berries, apples, and melon. Leafy greens, cabbage, carrots and melon all make great dietary choices for hedgehogs. It’s also important to remember that wild hedgehogs are opportunistic eaters and will consume any food sources that are available to them.

Fungi, Nuts, and Seeds

Wild hedgehogs also enjoy feeding on a variety of fungi choices. They will often find edible mushrooms and grubs living in dead wood logs and stumps. Nuts and seeds, such as sunflower seeds, are also a favorite for wild hedgehogs.

Supplementary Diet

In addition to the natural diet mentioned above, wild hedgehogs should be given supplementary food to ensure they receive the best nutrition possible. Supplementing their diet with a commercial hedgehog food is often recommended. Additionally, fresh fruits and vegetables can add nutrition and variety to their diet.


Wild hedgehogs have a diverse diet that consists of insects, worms, fruits, vegetables and fungi. By providing your pet hedgehog with a similar diet, you can ensure they receive the best nutrition. Additionally, it is important to provide a supplementary diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and a commercial hedgehog food.

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