What Do Hedgehogs Need In Their Cage


What do Hedgehogs Need in their Cage?

Hedgehogs make great pets and knowing what they need in their cage is essential for their health and wellbeing. With the right care they can be happy and healthy, living up to 7 years in captivity.


The first step in ensuring a healthy and happy hedgehog is to provide them with the right habitat:

    • Cage – it should be spacious, at least two and a half feet long, one and a half feet wide, and a foot deep. It should also have a wire mesh top that allows air to flow through while also preventing escape.


    • Substrate – these animals need an absorbent bedding material such as organic, dust-free paper bedding, aspen and pine shavings, or coconut fiber.


    • Bedding areas – it is important to provide your hedgehog with places to hide and sleep so they can feel safe and secure. Some great options are cat igloos, cardboard boxes, and fabric caves.



Hedgehogs need a diet that is higher in fat than other small animals and should consist of a mix of dry kibble and moist food. Their meals should contain:

    • Protein – such as cat food, canned dog food, hard boiled eggs, raw or steamed chicken, etc.


    • Fruits and Vegetables – such as apples, bananas, kale, spinach, and sweet potato.


    • Insects – such as mealworms, waxworms, and superworms. Make sure to never feed wild or farm-raised insects.


Cleanliness & Hygiene

It is important to keep your hedgehog’s habitat clean to avoid any health issues. This can be done by:

    • Daily spot cleaning of solid waste


    • Weekly changing of bedding


    • Monthly cleaning of the cage and its accessories


Hedgehogs are great pets and by providing them with these important items, you can ensure that they have the best possible quality of life.

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