what do hedgehogs need in their cage

Essential items a Hedgehog needs in its Cage

The Hedgehog may look like a small, cute little animal, but do know that it needs some essential items inside its cage to live happily and be healthy. This article will list the items that are essential for a hedgehog’s cage.


Hedgehogs need a soft and absorbent bedding material to keep them warm, such as wood-based bedding. This type of material is not only cosy but also great for absorbing any odours or mess that are produced by the hedgehog. Alternatively, some owners opt for fleece bedding which is widely comfortable for the hedgehog.

Chew Toys

As hedgehogs are known to chew, it is important to place a few chew toys in the cage for them to gnaw on. This will give them an opportunity to exercise their teeth and keep them from damaging the bedding and any furniture in its cage. These toys are also great for providing mental stimulation which is key for a hedgehog’s well-being.

A Heat Source

Hedgehogs benefit from access to a heat source, especially during colder months. The ideal temperature for the cage would be around 24°C. Heating pads and ceramic heaters are some items that work well in providing heat to the hedgehog’s cage.


Hedgehogs are well-known to be a shy species and they appreciate items that provide them with a hiding place. Some items that can be kept inside the hedgehog’s cage are:

  • Small huts that are made up of wood or plastic and are designed to look like a small house.
  • Tunnels or Tubes that the hedgehog can crawl inside and feel secure and safe.
  • Ceramic dishes that can be filled with paper towels, which the hedgehog can use as a safe place to hide.

By providing all these items for your hedgehog, you will be ensuring their comfort and health in the long term.

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