What Do Mourning Geckos Eat


What is a Mourning Gecko?

A mourning gecko, also known as a leaf-tailed gecko, is a species native to Madagascar. These geckos are primarily arboreal, meaning they spend most of their time on trees and branches. Mourning geckos have distinct heads without eyelids and with large, round eyes. They are usually gray in color, with splotched or mottled designs.

What Do Mourning Geckos Eat?

Mourning geckos are insectivores, meaning they primarily eat insects such as spiders, flies, crickets and moths. These geckos will also eat other invertebrates, as well as nectar and fruit for additional moisture. They do not require any special diet and can be fed certain types of insect-based mealworms and freeze-dried food.

Mourning Gecko Diet

A healthy mourning gecko diet should include:

    • Insects such as crickets, moths, flies, and spiders


    • Invertebrates such as shrimp and slugs


    • Fruit such as bananas or papayas


    • Nectar and sweetened juices


    • Mealworms and other insect-based larvae


    • Freeze-dried food specially formulated for geckos


It is important to note that mourning geckos should be given a variety of food items to ensure they receive a balanced diet. Mealworms should not be the only source of food, as these can be high in fat and calcium and cause health issues. Additionally, it is important to limit fresh fruit as these are high in sugar and can cause digestive issues in geckos.


Mourning geckos, also known as leaf-tailed geckos, are insectivores and primarily eat various types of insects, invertebrates, and nectar. A healthy diet should consist of a variety of food items and should not rely solely on mealworms as a primary food source. It is also important to limit fresh fruit and other sugary items due to their potential digestive issues. Feeding a variety of foods will help ensure these geckos remain healthy and active.

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