what does dreaming of snakes mean

Dreaming of Snakes – What Does it Mean?

As one of the most widespread symbols of the natural world, dreaming of snakes often carries a slightly ominous tone. You may be wondering what it could mean if you’re dreaming about snakes, so we are here to shed some light on the subject.

Symbolic Interpretations of Snake Dreams

Generally, snakes represent:

  • Transformation – Snakes are known for shedding their skin, so they may symbolize a great life change coming up often after overcoming a challenge.
  • Spirituality – Snakes in dream can often signify the need to connect more deeply to life.
  • Fears – If the snake feels particularly threatening in your dream, it may represent a fear you have.

Different Types of Snake Dreams

Different types of snakes may be interpreted differently in a dream. For example,

  • Cobras and Rattlesnakes – These types of snakes can indicate a threat or dangerous situation.
  • Bad-tempered Snakes – This can symbolize a feeling of anger or that you may be repressing some emotions.
  • Tamed or Harmed Snake – Seeing a snake peacefully interacting, or being threatened and hurt, can reflect the current state of your relationships.


No matter what happens in the dream, the interpretation of snake symbols often falls back on the life-death-rebirth symbolism of snakes. These dreams may be pointing you to go through some difficult periods in order to find a period of growth and success.

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