what eats geckos

What Eats Geckos?

Geckos are a small- to mid-sized species of lizard that are often found in warm climates. By nature, they can become quite skittish when confronted by larger species, making them potential food sources for other animals. So, what eats geckos?

Predators Of Geckos

Geckos can become prey to a variety of predators in their environments, including:

  • Snakes: Snakes have been known to eat small lizards such as geckos. In particular, boa constrictors and pythons are likely to prey on geckos.
  • Birds Of Prey: Owls and hawks are among the birds of prey likely to eat geckos. These birds have sharp eyesight and can spot the small lizards from far away.
  • Insects: Ants, beetles, mantids, and flies are all among the insects that will feed on geckos.
  • Other Lizards: Other larger lizards such as iguanas may also prey on geckos.
  • Mammals: Rats, foxes, and other small mammals may also hunt geckos.

Adaptations Of A Gecko

In order to survive and evade its predators, geckos employ several adaptations. These adaptations include:

  • Coloration: Geckos can often display a wide variety of camoflauging coloration patterns that enable them to hide from predators.
  • Tail Autotomy: If a predator grabs ahold of a gecko’s tail, the gecko can discard its tail, allowing it to escape.
  • Speed: Geckos are incredibly fast, and can outrun many predators.
  • Squeezing Into Small Places: Many geckos inhabit small cracks, crevices and other small places that predators may not be able to access.


Geckos can become prey to a variety of predators in their environment. In order to survive and evade their predators, geckos have evolved many adaptations. With the help of these adaptations, geckos are able to stay alive despite the presence of predators.

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