what eats turtles

What Eats Turtles?

Turtles are a staple food source in some ecosystems, and they are eaten by a variety of different predators. Let’s take a look at the main predators that feed on these aquatic creatures.

Crocodiles and Alligators

Crocodiles and alligators are some of the most well-known predators of turtles. These reptiles hunt for turtles in the water, often ambushing the animal and grabbing it before it can reach the safety of land. Turtles are easy to catch in the water and provide crocodiles and alligators with a large meal.

Large Fish

Large fish, such as bass and catfish, feed on turtles as well. These fish are typically bottom-feeders and will hunt for turtles when searching for food. They use their powerful jaws to grab on to the turtle and then swallow it whole.


Ospreys are large birds of prey that are found around the world. They hunt for fish and other aquatic creatures, including turtles. Ospreys will swoop down and grab a turtle with their talons and then take it up into the air. From there, they can eat it or take it back to their nest to feed their young.

Barracudas and Sharks

Barracudas and sharks are large predators that feed on a variety of aquatic creatures, including turtles. These fish have powerful fins and jaws that allow them to catch and eat turtles with ease.


Last but not least, humans are also a predator of turtles. In many parts of the world, turtles are harvested for their meat, shells and eggs. In certain areas, turtles are also kept as pets.


Turtles are preyed upon by a variety of different predators, including crocodiles and alligators, large fish, ospreys, barracudas, sharks and even humans. Turtles have adapted to their environment and have specific defense mechanisms, such as the ability to hide in their shells, that allow them to survive in the face of predators.

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