what fruit can crested geckos eat

What Fruits Can Crested Geckos Eat?

Crested geckos are a type of small lizard native to New Caledonia, and are popular pets across the globe. If you’re taking care of a crested gecko, a part of your responsibility is to provide him or her with a nutritious diet. Knowing what fruits to offer can be particularly helpful, as it’s a tasty and convenient way to provide variety and important vitamins.

Fruits To Show Your Gecko

Here are some of the best fruits to feed to your crested gecko:

  • Apple – available in many varieties, this delicious and crunchy fruit is packed with nutrition.
  • Banana – many reptiles like the creamy taste of this tropical fruit.
  • Grapes – both red and green grapes should be safe, and they’re an excellent source of vitamins.
  • Kiwi – this fuzzy, sweet fruit is one that is known to be popular among many lizards.
  • Mango – while its sweetness may be a bit much for some lizards, many crested geckos enjoy its taste.
  • Melon – there are many types of melon to enjoy, and all are very healthy for your gecko.
  • Papaya – this tropical fruit is often a hit with lizards, and it’s a great source of carotene.
  • Peach – another well-liked fruit, peaches provide a nice, sweet taste that most reptiles love.
  • Strawberry – you likely won’t need to offer strawberries in large quantity, but one or two pieces will be appreciated.
  • Watermelon – the sweet and juicy taste of watermelon is usually a hit – make sure to offer only the fleshy parts.

How To Offer Fruits

Your crested gecko should always have access to a shallow water dish so that he or she stays hydrated. You can place freshly cut pieces of fruit in a different dish, or offer them directly on a plant as one of the decorations. Geckos are often more likely to venture out and search for food when it’s visually interesting, so you can use different colors and shapes to make it more enticing.

Keep in mind that crested geckos are most active at night, so leave pieces of fruit in a dish no more than a few hours to prevent the risk of fermentation. As always, thoroughly inspect the fruit before giving it to your gecko.


In conclusion, crested geckos benefit nutritionally from fruits as part of a varied diet. Offer a mix of different fruits, as it will provide them with essential vitamins and a tasty treat.

Remember to be mindful about the amount and the freshness of fruit offered in their habitat. And of course, always supervise your gecko during mealtime to ensure they’re eating safely and healthily.

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