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The Story of was an American e-commerce business that specialized in pet supplies. It was founded in 1998 by Greg McLemore and launched in March 1999, quickly becoming one of the most successful dot-com businesses in pet supplies and services. However, despite its success, the company ceased operations in November of 2000 due to financial difficulties and was forever lost in the annals of tech history.

Rise To Success was an innovator in the online pet supplies industry. It was the first online business dedicated to selling pet supplies and offered free shipping on orders over $50. In addition, it had a 24/7 customer service center, a pet lab with pet care and product reviews, and an extensive pet care information center. They also had a popular sock puppet mascot that briefly achieved celebrity status.

Reasons For Failure

Despite its initial success and popularity, ultimately failed. The primary reason for this was its business model. Despite the low prices offered, was spending too much on advertising and marketing and not enough on profits. Consequently, it was unable to generate enough sales to cover its operating expenses and was unable to become profitable.

Additionally, its own success played a role in its downfall. With increased competition, consumers had more options and began shopping around for better prices and discounts, taking their business away from


The legacy of lives on, even after its failure. The company was a pioneer in the e-commerce industry and is still remembered today. Its iconic sock puppet mascot is still a popular symbol of the tech startup era and its failure serves as a reminder of the importance of a sound business model.

The lessons learned from the failure of are still relevant today. The importance of profitability, managing expenses wisely, and understanding consumer needs are all key lessons that companies today can learn from the story.


In summary, was an innovative and successful venture that ultimately failed due to lack of profitability and increased competition. Its sock puppet mascot and story of failure however, continue to serve as a reminder of the key lessons to be learned from the dot-com era.

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on profitability is key to success
  • Expense management is important
  • Understand consumer needs

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