What Insects Can Crested Geckos Eat


Insects that Crested Geckos Can Eat

What Insects Can Crested Geckos Eat Crested geckos are popular pets, often found in terrariums with their cuddly, affectionate personalities. While they are carnivorous, they actually can be quite easy to feed.

Live Food

These geckos love live food, so you will need to provide appropriate insects for them to eat. Here are a few of the insect types that are suitable for them:

    • Crickets – Simple and easy to find, crickets make a great meal for your crestie. You’ll need to dust them with calcium or other vitamin supplements.


    • Mealworms – Mealworms are a great source of fat for your crestie and make a great treat.


    • Superworms – Superworms have a chitinous exterior which are beneficial for the wear down of your crestie’s teeth.


    • Cockroaches – While they can be difficult to find, cockroaches add a lot of variety to your gecko’s diet.


Frozen or Pre-packaged Foods

There are a few other suitable insect options for your gecko that can be found pre-packaged or even in a frozen state. These include:

    • Silkworms – A great source of extra calcium, these frozen insects make a great snack for your gecko.


    • Locusts – An excellent source of protein and iron, locusts are a great supplement to the diet of your gecko.


    • Waxworms – Another great source of fat and calcium, these worms can be an easy way to keep your gecko full.


Overall, your gecko has quite a few insect options to choose from. When purchasing insects for your gecko, make sure to buy them from a reliable source, as live insects that are improperly stored or raised can be dangerous to your gecko’s health.

Happy feeding!

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