what is a group frogs called

What is a Group of Frogs Called?

A group of frogs is generally referred to as a knot, colony or army. Some species of frog also have specific terms for their collective nouns. Below, we discuss the different terms used to describe a group of frogs.


Knot is the most common collective noun for frogs, typically used to describe mostly any species. The term comes from the knots generally seen in any group of frogs and their typical habit of sitting together in groups.


Colony is another collective noun for frogs, whose members have a tendency to congregate together. This term, however, is mostly used to describe aquatic species of frog like Mexican spadefoot and African clawed frogs.


An army is another term used to describe a group of frogs, typically referring to the camouflage and collective behavior of the given species.

Other Terms for Groups of Frogs

  • Tadpoles: A group of tadpoles is called a tadpole swarm, a wriggle or a squiggle.
  • Tree Frogs: A group of tree frogs is referred to as a colony of arboreals.
  • Bullfrogs: A group of bullfrogs is referred to as a bellow.

In conclusion, a group of frogs can be referred to as a knot, colony or army. Depending on the species, there may be more specific collective nouns for the given frogs.

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