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what is a group of bearded dragons called

What is a Group of Bearded Dragons Called?

Bearded dragons, lizards native to Australia, are one of the most popular pet reptiles. But what is a group of bearded dragons referred to as?

Flock or a Colony?

When it comes to a group of bearded dragons, most people would automatically assume the term “flock”. However, the correct term for a group of bearded dragons is actually a “colony”. This is due to their more solitary behavior, which is the opposite of flock-like featured species.

Behavior of a Bearded Dragon Colony

Abearded dragon colony will interact with each other, but not to the same extent of flocking species. This is due to their territorial nature as well as the fact that they are active during the day – meaning there is limited window for interaction. A colony differentiates from a flock because bearded dragons simply reside close to one another, but aren’t actively engaging on a frequent basis.

Benefits of Having a Colony

Having a colony of bearded dragons can be beneficial if done properly. A colony of bearded dragons can create a feeling of safety amongst the animals, which can help encourage breeding. Additionally, introducing a new addition to a colony can go smoother, since the individual will feel like they are part of a larger group and not just an outcast.

Important Considerations When Forming a Colony

Before deciding to create a colony of bearded dragons, there are a few key things to be mindful of:

  • Size of Reptile – Each bearded dragon should have adequate room in their enclosure to roam and explore
  • Environmental Stress – When forming a colony, environmental stress should be avoided. Make sure each reptile has a clean, dry and comfortable place to stay
  • Compatible Mates – When selecting reptiles for a colony, make sure they are of similar size and gender. Otherwise fighting can break out, potentially leading to injury

At the end of the day, outside of pet owners, most people won’t refer to a group of bearded dragons as a “colony”. But for those who call them “pets”, understanding the correct term for a group of these reptiles is key.

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