What Is The Orange Ninja Turtles Name


What is the Orange Ninja Turtles Name

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series from the 80s allowed us to get to know four turtles and each of their individual personalities. All of them have different colored masks.

Raphael, the Red Turtle

Raphael is the most aggressive of the bunch. He has a red mask and is the leader of the team.

Leonardo, the Blue Turtle

Leonardo is a natural leader. He is the stoic and courageous one. He wears a blue mask.

Donatello, the Purple Turtle

Donatello is the intellectual one. He uses his brains to figure out solutions and wears a purple mask.

Michelangelo, the Orange Turtle

The last of the four ninja turtles is Michelangelo, who wears an orange mask. He loves to joke and loves to eat pizza. He is the most non-confrontational of the group and avoids fights whenever he can. But when called upon by his brothers, he is ready to jump into action.

So, what is the orange ninja turtle’s name? The answer is Michelangelo. He is the youngest of the four turtles and is usually the most lovable one out of the group. He has a free spirit that his brothers appreciate and respect.

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