What Kind Of Snakes Are In Florida


Types of Snakes in Florida

What Kind Of Snakes Are In Florida Snakes are found all across Florida and often instill fear in many. However, some of the most common types of snakes found in Florida are quite harmless and even beneficial to humans.

Beneficial Snakes


    • Garter snakes: Garter snakes are the most commonly found snakes in Florida. These snakes eat pests such as slugs, snails, and insects. They are usually quite small, measuring between 12 and 26 inches in length. Garter snakes are also non-venomous and are not dangerous to humans.


    • Corn snakes: Corn snakes are also found in Florida, and these snakes eat rodents such as mice and rats. They are typically around 2-3 feet in length and can be identified by the ringed patterns on their skin. Corn snakes are non-venomous and are beneficial to humans as they help to keep rodent populations under control.


    • Black rat snakes: Black rat snakes are found throughout Florida, and these snakes eat rodents and birds. They can grow to be quite large, up to 7 feet in length, and are usually dark grey or black in color. Black rat snakes are non-venomous, although they can look intimidating.


Venomous Snakes


    • Cottonmouths: Cottonmouths are commonly found in Florida, usually near water sources such as rivers and swamps. These snakes are venomous and although they are generally not aggressive, they should be treated with caution. Cottonmouths can grow to be around 3 feet in length and are identifiable by their triangular head and bright yellow or brown coloration.


    • Copperheads: Copperheads are also found throughout Florida and are some of the most venomous snakes found in the state. These snakes can grow to be around 2 feet in length and are identifiable by the distinctive hourglass pattern on their backs. Copperheads are generally not aggressive but should still be treated with caution.


Knowing what kind of snakes are found in Florida is important for both safety and identifying potential predators. Although some snakes are dangerous, the majority are either harmless or beneficial. It is important to be aware of which snakes are present in the area and understand the risks associated with them.

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