what reptiles bond with humans

What Reptiles Bond with Humans?

Reptiles may not typically be the first species of pet that comes to mind when you think of animal companionship. However, some reptiles, despite being cold-blooded, can still develop strong attachments to humans and bond with their owners.

Types of Reptiles that Bond with Humans

There are several types of reptiles that may become friendly with human companions. These include:

  • Tortoises/Turtles – Tortoises and turtles can become very attached to their human owners and will even recognize their faces. They often come to the edge of their tanks or terrariums when they hear their owners’ voices.
  • Snakes – Not all snakes will develop close bonds with humans, but those that do may recognize their owners, wrap around them, and even come when called.
  • Lizards – Many lizards, such as iguanas and geckos, will become tame and social if handled correctly. They can even become quite cuddly.

How to Bond with a Reptile

To form a close bond with your reptile, gentle and consistent handling is key. Try to handle your reptile frequently, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day. Offer small treats, such as fruits and veggies, to show that you can be trusted. Speak in a calm, low voice so your pet knows it’s not in danger. And try to give your reptile some space and a sense of security – for example, ensure it has plenty of hiding spots.

With some patience and understanding, it’s possible to form a close bond with almost any reptile. It may not be exactly the same as the bond you have with a cat or dog, but it can still bring you lots of joy and companionship.

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