What Snakes Don’t Bite


What Snakes Don’t Bite

What Snakes Don’t Bite Snakes are often seen as menacing, venomous creatures that can bite and cause serious injury. However, surprisingly enough, there are many species of snakes that don’t bite and are even suitable to be kept as a pet. Below is a list of some of snakes that don’t bite.

Coluber Constrictor

Also known as the North American Racer, this snake can be found all across the United States and into Canada. It is a slender snake which averages about three-feet in length and is typically gray or gray-black in color. This species of snake is non-venomous and does not bite.

Corn Snake

The Corn Snake is native to the south-eastern United States and is one of the most widely kept pet snakes. As a result, many experts consider the Corn Snake to be the best snake for beginner snake owners. It has a docile personality and does not bite. They are typically colored red, green, black and orange and can reach lengths up to five-feet.

Garter Snake

The Garter Snake is also a popular choice among beginner snake owners due to its low-maintenance care requirements. They are non-venomous, do not bite and are small in size, typically averaging two-feet in length. They come in a variety of colors, including green, grey, brown and black.

California Kingsnake

The California King Snake is a medium-sized constricting snake that, despite its name, is not a member of the Kingsnake family. It is non-venomous and does not bite. They are generally black and white in color, but some have yellow, orange and red stripes. They grow up to five-feet in length and have a docile personality.

Hognose Snake

The Hognose Snake is a non-venomous species of snake native to the United States and Canada. It has a short, stocky body and its scales are slightly raised. They typically grow to a length of three-feet and are brown and grey in color. They are not known to bite, but they will play dead if threatened.

Although most snakes are seen as timid and dangerous creatures, there are many species of snake that don’t bite and are even suitable to be kept as a pet. The Coluber Constrictor, Corn Snake, Garter Snake, California Kingsnake and Hognose Snake are all examples of non-venomous snakes that don’t bite.

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