What Sound Do Hedgehogs Make


The Sounds of Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are adorable furry critters that live in a variety of countries! They’re often kept as pets, so it’s important to know what sounds they make.

Hedgehogs Vocalizations

Hedgehog vocalizations are soft, quiet, and relatively short. Generally, hedgehogs will often make small chirps, chitters, and snuffles when they’re content or feeling relaxed. You’re likely to hear this if your pet hedgehog is being petted or after eating a favorite treat!

Defensive Sounds

Hedgehogs are generally quiet, but when faced with an intimidating situation they may vocalize to show their displeasure or fear. Defensive vocalizations include hissing, puffing, and even clicking.

Communicating With Owners

Hedgehogs may also make vocalizations to communicate with their humans. These sounds include clicks and snorts. Even though hedgehogs may not understand every spoken word, they seem to pick up on certain tones to let them know they’ve been understood.

Other Sounds

Here are some of the other sounds hedgehogs make that indicate how they’re feeling. Please keep in mind that not all hedgehogs make all these noises or even make them with the same frequency or intensity:

    • Chirping: You’ll hear this when your pet is content.


    • Grunting: Hedgehogs grunt when they’re searching for food.


    • Hissing: Hissing is generally used as a defensive tactic.


    • Snuffling: A snuffle is usually a gentle sound used to indicate contentment.


Hedgehogs are unique animals with their own personalities and behaviors. Take the time to get to know your pet and the type of noises they make when they’re relaxed and when they’re feeling anxious or defensive.

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