What Supplies Do Gerbils Need


Gerbil Supplies

What Supplies Do Gerbils Need Gerbils are friendly, engaging pets who require a few key items in order to thrive. If you’re looking to care for a pet gerbil, here is a list of essential supplies to get you started:


Gerbils need a habitat suitable for their needs, such as:

    • A gerbil cage, ideally made of plastic and wire, with room to play and explore.


    • A wheel to help your gerbil exercise.


    • A variety of toys to keep them stimulated.


    • A hideaway for them to rest and feel safe.


    • Nesting material, such as shredded paper or cloth, for them to build a comfortable bed.


Food and Water

For a healthy diet, your gerbil should be provided with:

    • A diet of commercial gerbil feed supplemented with veggies, fruit and small insects.


    • A sturdy food bowl that can be attached to their cage.


    • A water bottle with a sipper tube.


    • Frequent cleaning of the food and water dishes.


Grooming Supplies

In order to stay clean and healthy, your gerbil will need the following supplies:

    • A toothbrush specifically designed for small animals.


    • A nail clipper for trimming their nails.


    • A shampoo formulated for small animals.


    • A brush for smoothing their fur.


Caring for gerbils requires a few specific items to ensure your pet’s health and happiness. With the right supplies, your gerbil will have everything they need to thrive.

Happy gerbil-keeping!

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