what temp do crested geckos need

Crested Gecko Temperature Needs

Crested geckos are one of the most popular species of pet geckos due to their friendly temperament. Proper temperature and humidity is essential to their health and with the right care they can make great low maintenance pets. Knowing their temperature needs is the first step to providing a healthy home.

Ideal Temperature Range For Crested Geckos

The ideal temperature range for a crested geckos terrarium is 75 – 80°F (24–27°C). This should be the average temperature throughout the enclosure, being slightly cooler at one end and warmer at another.

Providing Temperature Gradients

Crested geckos feel most comfortable when provided with temperature differences between different areas of their enclosure. Areas further away from the heat source should be slightly cooler and should not dip below 70°F (21°C). To create this temperature gradient, a low wattage heat source such as a nocturnal basking bulb should be used. Make sure that these heat sources are not excessively hot and never exceed 85°F (29°C).

Setting Up Your Terrarium Heat Source

When setting up your terrarium heat source, it is important to make sure it has adequate ventilation to allow for proper air flow. The bulb should also be mounted away from any objects that could catch fire, and should be placed on a sturdy and safe surface.

It is also important to use the appropriate thermostat and heat lamp combination to regulate the temperature of the tank. With a precise thermostat, you can easily adjust the tank’s temperature with just a few buttons.

Other Considerations

When caring for your crested gecko, there are some other important temperature considerations. It is not recommended to keep young crested geckos at temperatures below 70°F (21°C), as this can stunt their growth and affect their overall health. In addition, great care should be taken to avoid rapid swings in temperatures, as this can cause undue stress for them.

Providing Your Crested Gecko With The Right Temperature

By following the above guidelines, you can ensure your crested gecko is provided with the ideal temperature for his enclosure. This will help keep him happy and healthy and provide you with hours of enjoyment from your pet.

Key Points:

  • The ideal temperature for a crested gecko terrarium is 75 – 80°F (24–27°C).
  • A nocturnal basking bulb should be used to create temperature gradient.
  • The bulb should be mounted with adequate ventilation, placed away from flammable objects, and used with an appropriate thermostat.
  • Young crested geckos should not be kept at temperatures below 70°F (21°C).
  • Rapid swings in temperature should be prevented.

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