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Maintaining Temperature for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are small, cute and furry mammals which can make great pets. Keeping them in a comfortable environment is key to their wellbeing and one important factor to consider is temperature.

Temperature Requirements

A comfortable temperature range for guinea pigs is between 16 to 22 degrees Celsius (60 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit). It should not dip lower than 16 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit) and should never go beyond 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit).

Providing a Suitable Environment

To ensure the right temperature, here are a few tips:

  • Provide adequate ventilation – They should have a warm and draft-free, appropriately ventilated home. If your house tends to get too warm, you may also want to use fans to help circulate the air.
  • Provide warmth for your piggy – Guinea pigs can benefit from extra warmth during winter. You can provide extra warmth through heat lamps, heated pads or even cosy blankets.
  • Provide adequate bedding – Your guinea pig’s bedding should be insulated and breathable to help keep them warm and comfortable. Make sure to change the bedding regularly.


It is very important to keep track of the temperature in your guinea pig’s cage. If their environment is too hot, this can cause stress and other health issues. Thermometers are available to help keep track of the temperature and will ensure your guinea pig stays healthy and happy!

In summary, the temperature in a guinea pig’s home should remain between 16 to 22 degrees Celsius (60 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit). By providing adequate ventilation, extra warmth when needed and comfortable bedding, you can ensure your guinea pig has a happy and healthy home.

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