What Temperature Do Hedgehogs Need


What Temperature Do Hedgehogs Need?

What Temperature Do Hedgehogs Need If you’re thinking of getting a pet hedgehog, it’s important to know what temperature they need to stay healthy. Hedgehogs do not do well in extreme temperatures – both too hot and too cold can be dangerous.

Optimal Temperature Range

In general, hedgehogs do best when kept in a temperature range between 64-75°F (18-24°C). It’s important to keep their habitat relatively stable, as abrupt temperature changes can be stressful for them.

Heating Your Hedgehog’s Habitat

When providing heat to your hedgehog’s habitat, it’s best to use specialized reptile heat lamps or heating pads. Ensure that your pet can get away from the heat source if it’s too warm.


Hedgehogs typically cannot cool themselves down as well as other animal species, so providing cooling options is a must. Place one or more ceramic tiles in the cage, which provide a cool spot where your pet can relax. Additionally, you can mist the cage with water, which will create a more refreshing atmosphere.

Things to Avoid

It’s important to never put your hedgehog’s habitat directly in direct sunlight, as this can be dangerous. Also, do not use plastic or fleece items, as they can retain more heat than natural materials. Finally, avoid ever setting the temperature too low, as this can be fatal to your pet.

Overall, understanding the proper temperature needs for your pet hedgehog is key to keeping them happy and healthy. By providing a comfortable range and plenty of cooling options, your pet can enjoy a safe and cozy habitat.

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