what time do hamsters wake up

Hamster Waking Times

Hamsters are a type of small furry rodent that can make popular pets, largely due to their curious and energetic nature. They tend to sleep up to 12 hours each day, and it’s important to understand when they wake up in order to best provide your pet with care and attention.

General Waking Times

Hamsters, like many other animals, have a natural circadian rhythm that dictates when they wake up and become active. Typically, hamsters wake up shortly after sunset and will remain active until sunrise.

While the exact times will vary depending on individual pet, the following are commonly accepted as being the general waking times for hamsters:

  • Winter: 3 PM – 11 PM
  • Spring/Summer: 5 PM – 7 AM
  • Fall: 4 PM – 10 PM

Factors That Can Affect Hamster Waking Times

Age, gender and natural environment can all play a part in when your hamster wakes up. Younger hamsters and females in the reproductive cycle will generally wake up earlier than others, while older male hamsters are often the latest to wake up.

In addition, changes in the environment, such as temperature, humidity, noise levels and lighting can also have an impact on when a hamster wakes up. Generally, hamsters will prefer to sleep when the temperature is cooler and when the noise is low.


While the exact times will vary depending on species and individual pet, the common rule of thumb is that hamsters typically wake up shortly after sunset and remain active until sunrise. Age, gender and environment can also play their part in when a hamster wakes up.

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