what vegetables can crested geckos eat

Nutrition for Crested Geckos

Crested geckos are fairly low maintenance pets and can thrive on a basic diet! But giving your geckos the best nutrition will give them the best opportunity to stay healthy and active. Because they are insectivores, their basic diet consists mainly of insects. However, they can also be given vegetables as an occasional treat.

Vegetables for Crested Geckos

If you decide to give your crestie vegetables, here are some safe options:

  • Carrots: Finely chopped or grated carrot.
  • Bell Pepper: Finely chopped or diced bell pepper works best.
  • Cucumber: Sliced or diced cucumber is a great choice.
  • Kale: Finely chopped kale can be a great treat for your pet.

It’s important to make sure you’re giving your geckos only fresh vegetables. Anything you haven’t used in a few days should be thrown away.

Serving Vegetables to Crested Geckos

Vegetables should only be given to cresties as a treat or supplement, and should never be given in large quantities. Keep portions small and remember that anything offered should never exceed 10% of their diet.

If you decide to offer vegetables to your crestie, make sure you provide a shallow dish of water. This will not only help keep them hydrated, but also create a moist environment in which they can enjoy their vegetation.


Cresties can be fed vegetables as an occasional supplement or treat. When preparing vegetables for your geckos, remember to keep the pieces small and keep the portion sizes small. Above all, make sure any vegetables you prepare for them are fresh. With the right nutrition and care, your gecko will have a long and happy life!

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