What Wood Is Safe For Gerbils


safewood for Gerbils

Gerbils love to chew on wood, but not all wood is safe for them. To ensure their safety, it’s essential to provide your pet with proper materials. Here are some of the best safe wood options available for gerbils:

Pine Wood

Pine is considered safe for gerbils and can be used for both bedding and chewing. However, it’s important to make sure the wood is untreated, as treated wood can contain toxins that can be harmful to your pet.

Apple Wood

Apple wood is also a good safe option for gerbils as it is both chewable and safe. As with pine wood, be sure to check that it is untreated before giving it to your pet.

Manzanita Wood

Manzanita is another safe wood for gerbils and is specifically designed for small animals. It is made from dead branches of the Manzanita shrub, which is a shrub native to the Pacific Northwest. Manzanita is chewable and safe, although it is on the more expensive side.

Balsa Wood

Balsa wood is lightweight, soft, and easy to chew, making it a great wood for gerbils. It is also widely available and affordable, making it an economical option.


Bamboo varies widely in its safety for gerbils, so be sure to check with the manufacturer before you buy. Generally, untreated bamboo is safe for gerbils, and it’s also a great option for chewing and bedding.

Things to Avoid

It’s important to avoid certain woods that can be harmful to your pet. These include:

  • Cedar: Cedar is not safe for gerbils and should be avoided. It contains toxins that can be harmful to your pet.
  • Pressed Wood: Pressed wood, such as particle board or plywood, can contain dangerous toxins or formaldehyde, which can be harmful to gerbils.
  • Treated Wood: Any wood that has been treated with chemicals should be avoided as the chemicals can be harmful to your pet.
  • Dry Wood: Dry wood can be very hard and sharp, and can cause injury to your gerbil, so it should be avoided.


When it comes to providing your gerbil with a safe and chewable material, pine, apple, manzanita, balsa and bamboo are all good options. Be sure to avoid cedar, pressed wood, treated wood and dry wood, as these can be dangerous for your pet.

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