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What Worms Do Bearded Dragons Eat


What Worms Do Bearded Dragons Eat?

Bearded dragons, also known as Pogona Vitticeps, are one of the most popular species of pet lizards. They are popular because they are easy to care for and can make wonderful pets.

Bearded dragons have specific dietary needs and an important part of a bearded dragon’s diet are worms. It is important to understand what types of worms can be fed to your bearded dragon.

Types of Worms

The following is a list of worms that can safely be fed to your Bearded Dragon:

    • Crickets: Crikets are a good source of protein for your lizard. They should be feed in moderation and no more than 10-20 small crickets per day per dragon.


    • Mealworms: Meal worms are a favorite of bearded dragons and should be offered 1-5 mealworms three times a week.


    • Earthworms: Earthworms are an important part of a bearded dragon’s diet. Be sure to feed earthworms that are freshly dug and free of parasites. They should be chopped into small pieces for the bearded dragon to eat.


    • Waxworms: Waxworms are high in fat and should only be offered once or twice a week. They should only be fed in small amounts and not to exceed 2-3 worms per feeding.


What to Avoid

Be careful not to feed your bearded dragon feeder insects such as wild ants, house centipedes or butterflies. They can be toxic to your bearded dragon.

It is also important to provide a variety of worms in the diet and to not over feed. Worms should be gut loaded and dusted with vitamins and minerals to provide a balanced diet for your bearded dragon.

By understanding what worms to feed your bearded dragon and in moderation and variety, you can ensure a healthy and long lived pet.

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