what’s the purple ninja turtles name

What is the Name of the Purple Ninja Turtle?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe is full of colorful characters and fan favorites,and the purple ninja turtle is no exception. First appearing in the original TMNT comics in 1984, the four anthropomorphic turtles have been a worldwide phenomenon for over thirty years.

The Name

The purple ninja turtle’s name is Michaelangelo. He is the second youngest of the four brothers and it is often said that he is the most creative and relaxed one. He has a party attitude and loves to surf, skateboard and eat pizza.

The Attributes

Michaelangelo is known to be the least aggressive of the group. He is often characterized as being:

  • Funny: Michaelangelo is always cracking jokes and knows how to lighten the mood.
  • Creative: He is known to often come up with inventive solutions to problems, as well as create new gadgets and art pieces.
  • Caring: Michaelangelo has a kind heart and is often the one to give hugs and offer emotional support to his brothers.


Michaelangelo may be the most lovable ninja turtle, but don’t let that fool you. He can be as tough and fearsome as the other ninjas when it comes down to it. He’s also the one most likely to make you laugh!

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