when are leopard geckos adults

When do Leopard Geckos Become Adults?

Leopard geckos are a popular choice amongst reptile owners. These iconic lizards boast unique coloration, and make a great option for reptile enthusiasts of all levels. But when do leopard geckos become adults?

Physical Maturity

Physically, leopard geckos reach adulthood when they are between 8-10 months old. Generally, younger leopard geckos appear more slender and longer than their adult counterparts, while adults tend to be bulkier. Leopard geckos also reach sexual maturity at this age.

Behavioral Maturity

Even once they reach 8-10 months in age, leopard geckos may still exhibit immature behavior. Generally, these behaviors will pass as they continue to mature. Some common behaviors include:

  • Hissing: Young leopard geckos may hiss when first encountered. This is a normal defensive response, and should diminish over time.
  • Climbing: Young geckos often try to climb the walls of their enclosure. While it’s fine to let them do it on occasion, they should not be encouraged to do this all the time.
  • Eating: Young geckos may not be as willing to eat nutritious items in captivity. As they mature, they will become more interested in a balanced diet.


Overall, leopard geckos are considered adults when they are 8-10 months old. While they may still exhibit immature behaviors, these should improve as they continue to age.

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