when are leopard geckos fully grown

When Do Leopard Geckos Reach Full Size?

Leopard geckos are a type of unique lizards that people like to keep as pets. People enjoy these lizards due to their comfort with handling and for the fact that they are nocturnal. One thing that you might want to know when caring for a leopard gecko is when they reach their full size.

Adult Size

Leopard gecko adults can reach up to 10 inches long, with the males growing larger in size than the females. On average, an adult leopard gecko will weigh around 50-100 grams.


Leopard geckos can reach their full size when they are about one year old. They will start to reach a full size small at about 8-10 months old.

Growth Rate

The rate at which leopard geckos reach their full size can vary depending on their diet and the amount of food that is given to them. Leopard geckos that have high-calorie diets will reach their full size faster than those that lack in nutrition.

Signs of Hitting Full Size

Once your leopard gecko reaches full size, there are a few signs you can look for. One sign is that the gecko will begin to look less “baby-like” and will look more like an adult leopard gecko. The gecko will also stop growing in size and you can expect that the color of the gecko will start to change as it nears adulthood. Additionally, males will start to develop fat, pointed tails and females will start to look bulkier.

Other Factors

Other factors can affect when a leopard gecko will reach full size. For example, if the gecko is kept in a temperature that is too low, it will take them longer to reach their full size. In addition, a gecko that is under stress from its environment or from handling will also take longer to reach their full size.


Leopard geckos can reach their full size at about a year old. However, their diet, temperature, and environment can all play a role in when your gecko will reach its full size. By making sure that your leopard gecko is well taken care of, you can ensure that it will reach full size in a timely manner.

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